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What are we?

ray=out anime and manga services is a non-profit, independent anime and manga translation and subtitle provider. ray=out was founded in Bergen, Norway by former AnimeNfo Radio owner and admin, Cristopher B. (Doff), close friend Andreas O. (Ryoma-kun) and two Americans, Tanbir A. (regged) and Alben C. (YinYanX) as a subtitling group for the Capeta anime. Cristopher B., the former leader of ray=out is best known for his continuous leadership and management of the renowned AnimeNfo Radio, a division of anime and manga database website AnimeNfo.com. A year after the founding, the leadership and management of ray=out anime and manga services was passed onto current leader, Saad S. (alchemist11).

What is our mission?

ray=out manga services was founded in late 2010 due to the lack of translation and interest in certain unique and comical manga by the community. In addition to addressing those matters, the same goals from the anime division apply to the manga division as well. ray=out shall strive to provide the utmost accurate translation with an editing style best suited for each project, high visual quality releases and lastly, to promote its services so that others can learn how to subtitle manga, where or how to learn Japanese and the potential career benefits by taking part (e.g. translators in the gaming or manga translation industry, typesetters in the graphic design or a variety of industries that suit their career goals).

What are our services?

As a form of a service, ray=out provides potential translators incentives to joining the team and working on at least one project. Individuals that have studied or are studying Japanese whether through self-study or school and have a valid credential such as a JLPT certificate (N3 or higher) will receive experience and a potential job placement towards their career goals. A valid certification is optional, but recommended. The job placement entails working professionally for either the anime or manga industry. ray=out cannot guarantee individuals a position in the field as it depends entirely on that individuals knowledge of the Japanese language, however ray=out shall help individuals get better prior to the placement.

Have we been recognized?

ray=out has received much scrutiny on some of its projects over the years, however at the same time gained appreciation for many others. Kyle, a member of the Geek Tragedy Podcast, a division of National Press Comics (an independent comic book publisher from the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States), has given ray=out much praise for the work on the Yoiko anime. The official press release can be heard on a podcast (episode 28) on their website. Similarly, on a smaller scale, ray=out has received adoration for the subtitling of unique and rare anime through recognized communities such as MyAnimeList.net, a property of CraveOnline Media, AniDB.net, AnimeSuki.com, and many more websites.

What former members had to say?

"Even though work comes in a bit irregularly, it's great that [the industry] allows me to work [at] professional rates and gives me a more impressive portfolio. I miraculously happened to be a fan of the first series I was given to translate, and there's a possibility I could handle its sequels as well. I am grateful for this opportunity..."

James R. (Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou, Koi Sento)

"I learned a lot from my time translating for ray=out. The work was challenging, but very rewarding, especially as I was sent corrections and constructive criticism following my initial translations. Japanese translation to English only gets better with rigorous practice, so I'm thankful that I was awarded this opportunity to put that into action."

Francesca M. (AI: Pato)

"ray=out are a nice group; they gave me a chance even though I had never really translated before. My first project was Himawari Den, though I had a pick of three different projects. Their advice and answers to my questions regarding move names, dialects and ticks were helpful. I’m still nowhere near a good translator but they have stuck with me and have even let me do two ongoing projects. If you see their ad and are thinking of getting into or trying translating, I recommend that you reply to it."

Matthew D. (Himawari Den!, Kaden Danshi, Oku-san)